The past decade has seen an unprecedented growth in use of technology in the diamond processing industry, particularly in diamond planning.

The biggest challenge with the introduction of new technology is, training the staff to use the technology.

So what is the way out? What is the solution to the above challenge?

Lexus - Technomist once again comes to you with the helping hand. Lexus Uni brings you various training programs to build soft skills for yourself and your staff, to be better off in immediate future.

It is worth noting what we do while planning a future stone from a rough one.

1. Do you consider the location of inclusion in the future stone?

2. How do those inclusions reflect in the future stone?

3. What is value recovery? Should it be on your finger tip?

4. What is most profitable plan?

5. Is it worth forwarding the option of your plan to the sales department?

6. Is the future planned stone more saleable then the other?

7. Do you have possibility to guide the manufacturing department  to reproduce what is planned?